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Window Philosophy. December 22nd

The year and my songs are winding down and I’m already looking forward to next year’s projects. I’m gonna put out a few albums of course and I’m planning on writing my long awaited (by me) golf book which will mix new age philosophy with golf.  Sounds like a million seller right?  How about some “Window Philosophy” for todays song!

The Sun Dog is an Omen

PT. 3 of my self motivational / crisis management song saga for the week.  This one rocks!!  Neil Young style.  Neil just didn’t do enough songs in D minor.   Anyway, in this one I see the sun dog in the sky and it is an omen to start kicking ass.   True story.

November 11th “The Best Offense is a Bad Defense”

I’ve been in a rockin’ mood this week I guess.  This one is pretty jammin’.   The content probably derives from my late nights and early mornings watching the sports news cycle on ESPN.  Nothing like the NBA season to make you watch endless stuff about other sports on SportsCenter just to see one highlight that you could instantly watch online.   I guess that’s a dinosaur mentality.


April 26th “Break the Big Rules”

Tonight’s song is one that kind of formed into what it is after a while.  I started with a keyboard part that I didn’t use.  Then I decided to write the song on bass and I ended up recording something completely different than what I initially wrote.    First day in the recycling week, my energy is always a bit askew.

Thanks for listening!