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Driving in Two Directions

No matter where I am in life, I seem to always be doing lots of driving.  Whether it’s all nighters after gigs or out selling spray foam or whatever I’m selling at the time.  Lately I’ve averaged a thousand miles a week.  Too much.  Wait for the Sonic Youth style break down towards the end of this one.  Thanks for listening!



“If You’re Lucky Enough” November 23rd

I am really enjoying writing and recording this year.  It is pretty cool to dedicate an entire year to that.  It’s a struggle some times when it’s late at night and my energy is down.   But I seem to always push through.   And amazingly, I’ve never had any writer’s block or trouble making new song happen.  This endeavor will propel me to my next step in life no matter what it may be.   Hopefully, it will be writing and recording more music.  Thanks for listening!


Recognize the Irony. November 17th

Ricky Rubio is still giving this blog an unbelievable amount of hits.  That’s awesome.   What is also awesome is that it’s not going to be raining all day today.   Although I don’t mind working in the rain.   I actually like it.   There is only so long that being soaked is tolerable.  Today’s song is a jazzy acoustic number.   It’s kind of about seeing your life as it happens (instead of in hindsight).  Thanks for listening!


November 11th “The Best Offense is a Bad Defense”

I’ve been in a rockin’ mood this week I guess.  This one is pretty jammin’.   The content probably derives from my late nights and early mornings watching the sports news cycle on ESPN.  Nothing like the NBA season to make you watch endless stuff about other sports on SportsCenter just to see one highlight that you could instantly watch online.   I guess that’s a dinosaur mentality.


November 3rd “Make it Happen”

I haven’t written an instrumental in a while.   I think I might have gone a little overboard with this one.  It’s got a lot of changes.   I honestly thought I would have posted a lot more instrumentals during the course of this 365 songs project but this is probably only the seventh or eighth one in over 300 songs.  I really caught my groove about four months ago writing words and just haven’t looked back.   However, it is nice to have a break every once in a while.   Thanks for listening!

October 6th “Happy as the Wind”

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic.  I’ve driven a few thousand miles, won a golf tournament (my flight that is), worked basically every day and performed at night several times.  I’m not complaining, after all I scheduled it that way.  People always say being busy is good.   But is that always true?   I can’t agree on that whole heartedly.   That’s what today’s song is about.  Thanks for listening!

August 21st “You Try”

It’s great to have a Saturday off from my various endeavors for once.  Today we are celebrating my parent’s 50th Anniversary.  That is pretty cool.  That makes my commitment to write a song every day this year look like a meager task.  I’m still going though.  I recorded over nine hours of new music so far this year.


July 19th “Meteor Shower”

I saw Iron Maiden last night in Chicago.  They are still pretty awesome.   Bruce, Steve and even Dave Murray’s energy is still the same after all these years.  Actually, their stage show is better than ever (thanks to an over enthusiastic Jannik Gers) and their stage set with the ever changing Eddie back drops was pretty cool too.  Derek Riggs is out doing himself.

My brother and I went and we were transported back to 1987 all over again.   I spent a few days in northern Illinois enjoying the cornfield, windmill, soy bean scenery.   It is really beautiful up there.   Today’s song takes me back to long forgotten summers and doesn’t have anything to do with Iron Maiden unfortunately.