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July 7th “Love You”

What a brutal day on the old recycling truck.   I made the mistake of not bringing water (opting for Hardee’s lemonade/tea mixture which was only desirable for the first 32 oz.’s).   Needless to say, I was not in optimal condition.   However, we got ‘r done, as we always do.    We start new territory tomorrow, Lake James awaits.   It will be sweet looking at some nice lake scenery while sorting plastic bottles and soup cans.   I’m not averse to jumping in at some point during the route either.   That was my trademark when I was a pool maintenance guy, I always had to jump in to test the product.

On a totally different note, “Love You” is a sweet love song touting the wonders of openness and frankness, two things that every relationship needs an injection of.

Thanks for listening!!

July 1st “July Alibi”

I’m officially half way through with my song a day and blog about it project.  Technically, I think the actual day would  be the 3rd of July.   Which, ironically I’ll probably be posting today anyway as I’m catching up from being out of town and unable to record.
“July Alibi” is a funky number about getting things done this month despite the lack of time, excessive heat and occasional fatigue.   I’m always optimistic but sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk or two.

Thanks for listening!


June 20th “Here She Comes”

As I’m heading out of town once again to play a gig, this time in Young Harris, Georgia, I found myself thinking about an old song.   I managed to dig up the bass and drums from a recording I must have done with Dave Brockway and Dwayne Wallace in Athens.   What started out as a remake became something totally different all together, however I did keep some of my old chorus lines for the song.    This is kind of a surreal song that paints a few images before arriving back to the powerful return of a loved one.   Kind of like how Adair and I feel these days when we see each other often infrequently.

June 19th “Jaywalking through Life”

We had a late show out of town last night and I had to bust this out before leaving for our show tonight.   I didn’t even get to take the time to get rid of my morning sniffles.  Oh well, hopefully the poetry of the song will wow you so much that you look over the poor performance.  Ha.


June 17th “Better than Good for Nothing”

Another scortcher working outside on the recycling truck today but we made it through and that part of the work week is over.  Now it’s gigging time, three shows this weekend in three different places (2 states).   Today’s song is just what popped out when I sat down to write today.  I just started the song and it flowed right out.  I’ve been trying to write with the mandolin more.   Thanks for listening!


June 14th “Mooch On Over”

I have no idea where this one came from.   I guess I was thinking about what it’s like to live in your 20’s.   You really don’t care where you sleep at night.   As you get older, you definitely get more used to comfort.  I was never much of a moocher though.  Luckily, I always had a pretty strong work ethic, even if sometime it wasn’t making any money.  (Was that supposed to be funny?)


June 8th “Looking Out for #1″

I’ve collected all of these random 70’s self-help and psychology books much to Adair’s annoyment (that’s not a real word).  They’re all over the basement and in obscure sections of my studio.   On my piano for instance, someone has lined them up like a bookshelf.  I’m all for alternative placement of objects so I’ve left them there (even while recording).   And as I’ve anticipated, they’ve been a great source for song material.  That’s where today’s song comes from, I sat down at the piano and wrote this (pen to paper) while looking at the titles of the random books on the piano.  Obviously the book “Looking Out for Number One” by Robert Ringer was in the mix.   The song’s actually pretty good.


June 3rd “Bury Me With My Gibson”

I’ll tell you the story of why I basically only own Gibson guitars.   I was cooking out in Watkinsville, Georgia one evening a long time ago.  Of course I had been picking my trusty acoustic.   For some reason we ended up going inside to eat.  As we were going to bed that night and it had been pouring rain for hours, my girlfriend happened to notice that my guitar was outside on the table face up in the downpour.   It was completely full of water.   I poured it out and put it on the kitchen table and let it sit there for a week.   Then I picked it up and strummed it and it was perfectly in tune.   I put it in the case and walked out the door and played a show in Columbus, Georgia with it that night.

I vowed to play Gibson guitars always and forever after that.  Even though I’ve had really bad luck with Gibson SG’s.   Thanks for listening.


April 30th “The Sands are Making Mountains”

I’ve enjoyed a weekend without a gig.  I’m not playing much this month because next month I’m playing a lot of big gigs.   It will be very nice to start the new gig season playing so many of my 365 Songs.   I’m gonna start all my shows with “Geometrically in Perfect Touch” my favorite tune that I’ve written so far.

Today’s song is one that just came out when I sat down.   I’m making a conscious effort to be out of the studio this weekend, so it’s nice to be productive when I’m here.   My fence building has taken precedence so far.