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Another Round for My Friends

Happy New Year!  Let’s start the year of with a song about celebrating with friends and reflecting on the past year.  2015 was a good one for me musically and otherwise.  I enjoyed my first year with Joy and Coral, my new twins, developed a bunch of solar, managed to release 5 albums and 5 singles and to have a little bit of fun along the way.

Thanks for another great year.  Here’s another round for you.



Today Here, Tomorrow the World Pt. 1

DaOne McGimpsey and I have worked together a bunch over the last ten years.  I’ve always felt like he is an extremely gifted songwriter that really knows how to tell a story and convey emotions in a song.  We first worked together on the classic ‘Team OX Family’ album then we got together and did his first solo record ‘Today Here, Tomorrow the World’.   This is the title track to that album that I produced and it sums up the different themes of the album.   I felt it was in line with my new year, new beginning theme I’ve had going.  Thanks for listening and check out DaOne’s albums on CDBaby, Amazon or iTunes.   

DaOne 'Today Here... Tomorrow the World'
DaOne 'Today Here... Tomorrow the World'



Buy this mp3 @ CDBaby here!!

Every Now and Then. December 31st!!!

I did it!!!  365 songs in 365 days.   What a year.   Over 14 1/2 hours of new music, a total of more than 25 days total of studio work all done while holding down a steady hard labor job with Simply Green Recycling.   And then searching and finding a new job in Atlanta (not to mention commuting back and forth between Asheville and Morganton and then Atlanta and Asheville).

The funny thing is I honestly want to keep going.   I feel like I’ve got thousands of songs left to write.   That’s why I’m going to continue this blog, now called chriscates365.com.   Except I’m going to post songs from my entire catalogue along with the occasional new song and songs that I’ve produced or collaborated with other artists.   It has been a blast!   Thank you to the more than 20,000 visitors that have dropped by to listen!!    I truly appreciate it!

Timeless Times Like These. December 28th

Still snowed in at our house.   Hopefully today’s the day we can get one of our cars out.   Hopefully so, we’re supposed to load a moving truck and head out to Georgia on Thursday.  Oh what to do in ‘Timeless Times like These’.

It’s Been a Blast. December 21st

Only ten days left in 2010!  What a blur it’s been.  Especially since I spent so much time in the studio writing and recording all of these songs.  This one started out as the song I thought I’d use for New Years, but I’ve written a lot better ones since then.  So this one got moved down the queue a bit.  I’ve got a lot of changes going on, but regardless, it’s been a blast.

Another Round for My Friends. December 17th

This year is winding down fast.  It’s hard to believe I’ve written 365 songs this year.  (I’ve actually been finished with the songwriting about a week).   Now I can just leisurely post a new song every day from now until Jan. 1st.   Like this one, a lot of my last fifteen songs all hinge somewhat on the new years theme.  Thanks for listening!