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Super Bowl Sunday Song

This is the song I did for last year’s Super Bowl.  It’s about taking the day off from household chores to sit and eat unhealthy food and watch the Super Bowl hype.  Thanks for listening!


November 4th “Catering for Randy Moss”

I had to do something about the whole Randy Moss saga.  Mainly because I’ve always been a fan of Randy. He’s probably the best receiver of all time aside from Jerry Rice and he’s a complete enigma.  The story of him yelling at the caterer was too funny to pass up  (not for the caterer however, or any one else present undoubtedly).   Anyway, I’m psyched he’s going to the Titans.   I’m a Vince Young fan too.   I like all the players everybody hates undoubtedly (holla T.O.).    Thanks for listening!


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“Brett Favre Blues” October 10th

I had three different people suggest that I write a song about Brett Favre this weekend.   I couldn’t resist considering Minnesota traded for Randy Moss (one of my favorites) and that Brett is accused of texting pictures of his genitalia.  That’s good song fodder if I’ve ever heard it.   I don’t really think he would go on myspace to contact somebody like they are accusing him.  For some reason, Brett just doesn’t seem like the myspace type.

Anyway, this song is kind of making fun of the accusations and of the fact that Favre won’t hesitate to throw the ball at any time into any coverage.  Despite the fact that he has Adrian Peterson,  the second best running back in the world in the backfield.  Thanks for listening!


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September 12th “The Fire is Burning”

What a great day to be a sports fan.  Lots of great NFL games, the PGA Playoffs and USA Basketball is playing Turkey in the World Basketball Championships.   Durant vs. Turgolu.  Also a good day to catch up my recording and mixing.  I’m hoping to have Vol. 3 of the 365 greatest hits sent off tomorrow.  I’ve really gotten behind on those.

Anyway, I asked Adair for a topic this morning as I was walking out to the studio and this is what popped out of that.  I hope you’re having a great Sunday.   Thanks for listening!


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Jan 26 “Chalk it Up to Acting Like a Fool”

This song is starting to grow on me a bit.    It’s about remembering old times of acting crazy growing up.

Maybe recycling in my old Oak Hill Bulldog territory brought this one out of me today.  Congratulations to my classmate Leon Johnson for his Burke County Hall of Fame honors in a few weeks.  He killed it at Carolina and was a great pro too.   With the Jets was my favorite part of his NFL career.

Anyway, “Chalk it Up to Acting Like a Fool” can be put into any adolescent context you want (or any adult for that matter).  It’s about how we always thought we were indestructible too, which led to lots of air time for our respective vehicles and landings that as long as you kept a firm grip on the wheel, you could land it with minimal damage to adjacent shrubbery.    Frank Zappa cassette intact.       Thanks for listening!!