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June 27th “Mind Vacation”

Day two of my two day vacation.  It’s not so sweet knowing you’ve got to go home soon.  But then again I have a lot of obligations, so it’s also bitter sweet (ie recording a song for everyday in 2010).  Being creative, I tried to be totally in the moment, which was beach house vacation-style with my writing.  If I’m not being topical to my situations I encounter occasionally, how will I ever look back on this year years from now and remember what I was doing.

Thanks for listening!!


June 26 “Boat Drinks in the Cabana”

We played an awesome show last in downtown Morganton on the Courthouse square to several hundred people.  It was a lot of fun and I actually played four or five tunes from my ‘365 songs for 2010’ project.  Then today we came to the beautiful North Carolina beach for a short but much needed vacation.

In true vacation mode, I brought my charango and this ‘beachy song’ was the first thing I wrote.   A bit Jimmy Buffett-esque, but what would you expect from a song written on the beach.

I apologize for the delay posting the song, I’ll have to record it when I get home Monday.