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Cosmic Rays (song of the day)

They were talking about cosmic rays on NPR this morning and it reminded me of this song from my “Getaway Plans” album.   At one time this song was called ‘Melody Juice’ before it finally made it on a record.  Wait for the harmonica solo in the middle.  Thanks for listening!


October 26th “Don’t Listen to the News”

Being exposed to the news is almost inevitable these days.  Open your laptop, turn on the TV, drive in the car.   It’s always there.   Unfortunately, life is a lot more positive when you don’t do any of those things.  But who can resist.   It’s like a never ending real life soap opera.   What else are we all gonna talk about?


Jan. 5th “Financial Planning for Dogs

This song stems from hourly listens to NPR all day.

I started a different song but this insane ‘avant gangsta garde’ piece just popped out.  I guess working in the cold will pull that right out of ya.

I had just thought of ‘Financial Planning for Dogs’ after misreading a yahoo ad.   Then shortly thereafter, Adair and I started talking about giving dogs loans.   Hilarious interjection ensued as you can imagine.

That’s where the tag line “Don’t give that dog a bone, give that dog a loan” came from.

Click the play icon to listen!

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/jan5.html

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