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Don’t U Funk With Me

I’m getting to the end of posting all of the songs off of my ‘Risky Biscuits’ album from 2001 (it only took me four months to post them all).  This is a fun rap song I did with two of my all time favorite colleagues.  Once known as the Tragic Click, Blood (Kenya Bloodsaw) and Coda Baerfider (Rico Davenport) were an incredible creative force in the early 2000’s Athens, Georgia music scene.   Rico brought me a very long crazy beat one day and I whittled it down to make this song adding  some piano, stand up bass and Mike Elam’s great muted trumpet.

We had a great time making this song in the studio and it shows.   It is still consistently one of my top downloaded songs on Rhapsody and other online music sources.  Thanks for listening!  #rapmusic  #funnyrapsongs  #georgiamusic

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Some-a-that Country Funk

My Risky Biscuits post for the day drums up a bit of that country funk.  Featuring the rap skills of one of my favorite Athens, Georgia artists, P-Noid (aka MechaNoid).   We really had a lot of fun making this one.   As simple as the song is, we never could quite make it happen live for some reason or another.  Probably because we never practiced it.   Anyway, thanks for listening!

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