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Your Lucky Umbrella. January 4th

I’ll continue with my feel good, take on the world theme again today.   This song has been one of my favorites since I wrote it when I was going through a tough time back in 2003.  It’s been a big inspiration to me ever since and it’s been a great song to start shows with as well.  It was originally on my ‘Getaway Plans’ album.  The solo and guitar work by John Tuggle is really cool on this one too.   Check out his ‘Learn Guitar Now’ videos online sometime.  Dwayne Wallace’s backing vocals on this one always make me smile too.   Thanks for listening!

Getaway Plans by Chris Cates

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April 16th “To the Center of the World”

My brother came up to work on my house today so we streamed the new Slayer album off of myspace.  It’s awesome!   They just keep getting better.    Anyway, I actually wrote this song while listening to Slayer, my brother hammering and during website project I was trying to finish.

It kind of just leaked between the cracks.   I haven’t done a metal-ish song lately, so I was definitely due.

Thanks for listening!