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Sugary Jive *song of the day

It’s definitely moving towards fall.   I’m ready, especially since I spend a small portion of the week in attics measuring them for spray foam insulation.

Sugary Jive is a fall type song.  I actually paid for radio promotion for this song when it came out on my Parakeet Nelson “Risky Biscuits” album.  It got a few thousand plays nationwide and ten thousand plays in the Virgin Islands for some random reason.   I’ll take anything I can get!

Listen to the entire “Risky Biscuits” album here!

She’s So Fly (song of the day)

Here’s a funny one from my “Mealtime Brown presents.. Parakeet Nelson” album.  I wrote this one in the hotel room after seeing the Atlanta Hawks get killed by the Charlotte Hornets in a playoff game at the Georgia Dome  (Phillips was being built).  Hiro Noodles (aka Jeramy Lamanno) on drums!   Thanks for listening!

You Gotta Get a Real Job (song of the day)

Being back in Georgia reminds me of my Parakeet Nelson days all the time.  This was one of our quintisential tracks back then and we still rock it today.  I’m actually joining up with a few players from back then mixed with Chris Singleton (my new bass player of seven years) this weekend for a few gigs.  I’ll have to break this one out for old times sake.  Thanks for listening!


Traction (song of the day)

We all need a little traction every now and then don’t we?    This super jam catches a moment in time in my fabled Athens days with Parakeet Nelson / Phallic Phungus.   An nine piece band live in the studio totally locked in with me barely playing guitar because of a broken wrist.    Thanks for listening!

Don’t U Funk With Me

Funky and hilarious.  Another Coda Baerfider collaboration with Ken Bloodsaw (aka Blood), bringing it home on the last verse.  Together Coda and Blood were known as the Tragic Click and they were awesome.  I’d love to post their song ‘Private Dancer’ but it’s way too X-rated.  Anyway, have a great Monday!!

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Paradigm Shifting. January 2nd

I figured since I’ve definitely changed my paradigm in the last few months that this song was appropriate for today.  This one’s off my Parakeet Nelson “Risky Biscuits” album.  It was my first collaboration with Dwayne Wallace on bass and it also features Brian Head on drums and Winslow Willard (where are you Winslow?) on guitar as well.  But truly the highlight is my utterly brilliant friend Mike Elam on Flugelhorn.   Have a great Sunday!!


Risky Biscuits
Parakeet Nelson Risky Biscuits



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October 7th “Woo to the Groove”

I did something unique for today’s song.   I went into my massive tape archive from my Mealtime Brown days in Athens and pulled the chorus from a 1/2 inch reel I had.   This comes from a song I started with Rico Davenport (aka Coda Baerfider) but never finished for some reason.   Rico is one of the great talents in the world that has yet to be discovered.   He has introspective spoken word stuff and of course tons of hilarious and gangsta songs.     You can also hear him on my ‘Risky Biscuits’ album  several times on songs like “Don’t U Funk With Me” and the hilarious “First Funk Baptist”.  Click here to listen to those songs! Thanks for listening.

May 22 “Expected Eclectic”

The golf tournament was fun.  I played great for about 11 holes making 4 birdies and an eagle in that span but I was mediocre after that.   I couldn’t seem to get over the hump.   We had a whole lot of fun though and I played a lot of tunes with my friend Will for some folks on Lake Rabun.   My golf songs were part of the agenda of the golf themed weekend of course.

Anyway, I dug back into my archives for the music of this one.  This is a song Parakeet Nelson never released. This was recorded at Elixir in Athens, Georgia around 2003.   Today, I took the music and re-recorded a few parts, re-wrote the lyrics and resurrected it from the dead.   Which is one of the things I love about this format, now I can let the world hear John Wayne Tuggle’s slide guitar, Dwayne Wallace’s bass guitar, Dave Brockway’s drums and John Kell’s sax.


Jan 30th “Country Boy Funk in the City”

I took it back to that old school slow funk jam on this one.   I am absolutely loving playing drums every day, even though it’s just for five minutes.   My drum parts are finally getting done in one take.  They’re not perfect, but I can’t really be perfect in my recordings for this format;  because I have to squeeze the song in each day on top all of my normal life.

I’m a country boy but I love the big city vibe.  Places like Vegas, or Chicago or New York are great just because there is lots of people and energy.  And house music.  A good beat keeps everybody happy and it’s not used in that way enough.  I guess that’s what “Country Boy Funk in the City” is about.

I’m also kind of giving my own song “Country Funk” a shout out.   If you haven’t heard “Country Funk” (featuring my old friend P-Noid)  Search:  Parakeet Nelson “Risky Biscuits” and give it a spin.  It’s also pretty funky.


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