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October 20th “Parents from Hell (literally)”

First let me start off by saying this song in no way reflects my parents, who are well known as the greatest parents of all time. This song started with the line ‘mama was a demon and daddy was from the fires of Hell’ and I ran with it from there.  It’s actually a comedy song.   Coming from my heavy metal roots I have to hark back to endearing themes like this on occasion, to facilitate my dark humor.  Thanks for listening!!

June 14th “Mooch On Over”

I have no idea where this one came from.   I guess I was thinking about what it’s like to live in your 20’s.   You really don’t care where you sleep at night.   As you get older, you definitely get more used to comfort.  I was never much of a moocher though.  Luckily, I always had a pretty strong work ethic, even if sometime it wasn’t making any money.  (Was that supposed to be funny?)