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August 20th “Skyscrapers to the Sky”

I listened to Manu Chao last week on our trip to the mid-west and remembered how great his music is.  He does a lot with drums and percussion without playing them in the traditional way.  That’s what I had in mind with this song.  I actually started with the drums and then wrote the music and words.

Also today is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary!


June 23 “Me and You on the Floor”

Here I go again with the raps.   I may have created a monster..  I realize my flow is pretty 1992 (or ’87 for that matter).   But what are you gonna do, it’s pretty fun to do actually.   We all want to be a rapper at some time or another in life.  Rapping is very cool  because you focus  on the lyrics more than the melody.    That also frees you up to do rhythmic stuff with words and use them like a percussive instrument.

Or in my case, just to be silly.    Thanks for listening!