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October 17th “Bury Me in No. 3 Bunker”

These nice days have put golf on my mind.  I’ve got a tournament next weekend and I’m actually thinking about practicing.   I guess the first step is to write a new golf song, that should make me play better.  Hopefully today is the day I hit the Grove Park for 18, that would probably help too.   In the PGA world, Rocco is winning the frys.com Open.  That is also equally important if not more so.   He’s the man.      Hit ’em straight!


For those of you who haven’t heard my golf album “Triple Bogey with 17 Holes to play”.   You can hear it for free by clicking here!   

Jan 3rd “Sunday Afternoon Blues”

Day three and I’m already seeing how hard this is going to be from a time standpoint.

Because I’ve been off from recycling and haven’t had gigs this weekend I’ve had more time than usual.  So the last two days I’ve spent about 3 hours each day making the songs and giving them a little extra production.

Today I tried to limit myself to an hour but ended up taking an hour and a half.   Writing the song, then recording the guitar, keys, drums, bass, synth, lead guitar and six vocal parts takes a minute as you can imagine.

I’m trying to go with ‘first thought best thought’ in the writing process, so whatever the first subject I think about will be the theme of the song.

Today’s song “Sunday Afternoon Blues” is inspired by my dread of the 16 degree temperatures I’ll be working in tomorrow morning and my desire to have fun today.    Now that I’m done with this song and all of the studio work I did on my other projects this morning, I’m hoping to talk Adair into going bowling.  Wish me luck!