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Snow Day Song

My song that is very fitting for today.  Hopefully wherever you are the kids are out of school and having fun in the snow.  This tune is about that.  And if you’re in Atlanta, I hope you are not stuck in the massive traffic jam.

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Jan. 2nd “Snow Day”

Day two in my quest to write a song and brief commentary every day of 2010.

I’ve had a rare Saturday off on a windy cold snowy day and have gotten to work in the studio all day.

I worked on “Let Out the Zoo” from my upcoming album ‘Follow the Feeling’ and then I wrote and recorded this one.

“Snow Day” is obviously inspired by the coveted snow day school cancellation each student and teacher anticipates each year.

All the instruments are one or two takes and I got to play Jason Peeler’s drums for the 2nd day in a row!