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June 19th “Jaywalking through Life”

We had a late show out of town last night and I had to bust this out before leaving for our show tonight.   I didn’t even get to take the time to get rid of my morning sniffles.  Oh well, hopefully the poetry of the song will wow you so much that you look over the poor performance.  Ha.


May 8th’s Song “Let’s Get Married in Vegas”

I don’t know how this song popped up today.   I guess I was thinking about Vegas.   I love it there and I don’t gamble, I’ve tried to get Adair to move there but she’s not convinced.

And like the song, we did get married in Vegas and it was the best.   It could not have been better.   This song’s not about our experience exactly it’s talking about in more general poetic terms.   Songwriter stuff, I guess.   Anyway, real estate is super cheap in Vegas.    Invest and let me know.


May 3rd “Written on the Page”

As I’ve stated before, I listen to a book on CD every day driving up and down the mountain and/or I put a book in my iPod and listen to it all day.  Today I started On the Road by Jack Kerouac which kept me transported to 1948 Americana while I was recycling.  Anyway, last week I listened to Dumas’s The Man in the Iron Mask,  the writing style is exceptional.    I was an english major that focused on that era specifically.

That’s probably what inspired todays song, which is taking some of the haughty sentence structure of 18th century french nobility.  Or something like that.