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November 2nd “Whatever Happened to the Revolution”

Today is election day.   I voted as usual.  I’m not as active this time around in the political process…. purposely.  I think I like it better from this end.   I listen to a lot of biographies about various revolutions and the one constant theme is that during the revolution it usually sucks really bad.  Then it is romanticized after the fact.  The benefits seem to come after a much longer period of time.   Sounds like government to me.  Thanks for listening!



October 14th “Find Your Space”

This month is flying by too.   This year has gone really fast.   I guess it flies by when you’re super busy.  It will be 2011 before you know it.    I spent all last night sorting through old clients’ cd projects to update my Production Credits for my chriscates.com site.  I had estimated that I produced or worked with 250 bands.  But amazingly, the number is more around 500.  That’s crazy to think I was that busy back then (2000’s) as I am now, if not busier.   I guess things might look different but they’re always still the same.   Thanks for listening!

April 29th “If It’s Good Enough for You”

Maybe it’s the immense yard project I’ve taken up (a 700 foot wooden fence) but I’m feeling kind of funky today.   This one didn’t turn out as good as it started.   I did another Minute Men sounding tune last week if I’m not mistaken.  Maybe I need to break out some old fireHose and Minute Men re-appreciate Mike Watt, one of the greatest bassists ever.

Thanks for listening!  


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