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Let the Rain Come

This one was a last-minute addition to “Life’s a Love Song” but I am really glad it made the cut. Nothing like bringing the album to a close with an anthem-like finish.  Somehow it slipped through the cracks when I was picking songs from my backlog for the album until I randomly heard it playing on my computer one day.  I rewrote the verse, added a few instruments and one more large guitar solo, then spent my normal three weeks to mix it.

It’s pretty bad that I’ve written so many songs that I literally don’t remember writing or recording songs I hear from time to time.  It’s almost like someone else wrote them.  Which is cool I guess.  If I’m a fan of my music that makes at least one right?   Thanks for listening!!  Only one more song from “Life’s a Love Song” to be posted.

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View all Chris Cates albums on iTunes here.
View all Chris Cates albums on iTunes here.

Light Peaking Through the Clouds (song of the day)


The storms are over but it’s still going to be raining for  a few days.  Which is great for me because I love the rain.  Maybe I should live in Seattle.  For some reason it makes me way more creative.   This song is from my daily songs from last year.

Wondering if it Will Ever Be Like This. December 1st

Well I started a brand new job today.   In Atlanta.   Major life change, to say the least.   Yesterday I was recycling in the cold and rain, dodging cars on Bost Road and today I’m in traffic jams for four hours at least (and getting paid for it).  A bit of culture shock but mostly in the positive sense.   I can safely say I was never wondering if it will ever be like this.   Thanks for listening!

Recognize the Irony. November 17th

Ricky Rubio is still giving this blog an unbelievable amount of hits.  That’s awesome.   What is also awesome is that it’s not going to be raining all day today.   Although I don’t mind working in the rain.   I actually like it.   There is only so long that being soaked is tolerable.  Today’s song is a jazzy acoustic number.   It’s kind of about seeing your life as it happens (instead of in hindsight).  Thanks for listening!


October 25th “Rain to Wash it all Away”

We’re finally getting some much-needed rain.  It stormed pretty well up here in Asheville this morning.   I’m back in town after winning my second golf tournament in a row, actually we came in 2nd, but we finished in the money which is always nice.  Birchwood Golf Club in Nashville, NC is one fine course and group of people.   Anyway, back to the rain.   Can you guess what inspired this song?


September 27th “Black Sheep in the Family”

It’s Monday once again and a rainy one too.  I’m not sure what inspired today’s song, it’s another one of those that just popped out when I sat down in front of the MacBook.  I love playing simple, bluesy, chicken pickin’-style solos like what I do all through this one.  You gotta love blues in F.   Thanks for listening!


June 7th “Please Don’t Rain”

We’re playing at an apartment complex grand opening tomorrow (rain pending).   It didn’t rain for years and all of a sudden last year we got rained out of gigs several times.   And once, at a wedding, we set up our big PA and then got drenched.   The entire system, subs, mains, monitors, etc. got totally soaked.   Jason had to air it out in my parents garage for a week before we could turn it on.   Luckily, I had another small PA in my car.

I’m endeavoring to have sunny weather for all of the Chris Cates & the Master Plan outdoor gigs this year.


June 3rd “Bury Me With My Gibson”

I’ll tell you the story of why I basically only own Gibson guitars.   I was cooking out in Watkinsville, Georgia one evening a long time ago.  Of course I had been picking my trusty acoustic.   For some reason we ended up going inside to eat.  As we were going to bed that night and it had been pouring rain for hours, my girlfriend happened to notice that my guitar was outside on the table face up in the downpour.   It was completely full of water.   I poured it out and put it on the kitchen table and let it sit there for a week.   Then I picked it up and strummed it and it was perfectly in tune.   I put it in the case and walked out the door and played a show in Columbus, Georgia with it that night.

I vowed to play Gibson guitars always and forever after that.  Even though I’ve had really bad luck with Gibson SG’s.   Thanks for listening.


March 12 “Daydream Sharing”

Today started out looking like a beautiful day.   After raining for a few days it actually looked like spring was finally here.  Then about eleven it became grey and cold again.  Oh well.  It was too wet to play golf today anyway.

“Daydream Sharing” is about lying around on a rainy day being lazy.   This is actually the opposite of what I do on lazy days.   I usually work extra hard in the studio on those days.

Thanks for listening!    Click below to hear  “Daydream Sharing”


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