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July 14th “Love Ain’t Always as Easy as it Should Be”

I haven’t done a true R&B slow jam in a while (or even at all).   This one has random key changes and is about heart break and love.   I used to do songs like this all the time when I was writing for R&B singers down in Georgia.  But you know how it is, the music business ain’t always as easy as it should be.

March 27 “Low Down Funk”

Today I got inspired to go back and do some beats like I used to do down in Georgia for the different rap crews I worked with.   Believe it or not I was an integral part of the rap music scene in the Athens/Atlanta area for several year.   You can even read an article published about me and my rap game in a magazine article archived at chriscates.com.

I miss working with talented folks like Kenya Bloodsaw, Patrick Mattox, Rico Davenport, Ceasar Hudson, Eugene Willis and all the other folks.    Maybe this is a funky tribute to them.

Chris Cates's highlights from January and February 2010
Chris Cates's highlights from January and February 2010

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