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Between Lies and Ordinary. December 19th

Finally a Sunday without snow and extreme cold.  Mozart, our dog may actually get a few full fledged walks in today.  Today’s song is a jazzy song not unlike a song I did back in January (one of my favorites)  “The Sweetest Thing is Everything”.  What can I say, I love major seventh chords.  Thanks for listening!



Momentous Lapse of Reason. December 15

I haven’t rocked it out heavy metal style in a while.  Playing drums on this one reminded me of the days when I played drums in our 9th grade band, Armageddon.  I was really into Nicko McBrain and Lars Ulrich at the time and I mostly just played fills instead of a constant beat.  The opposite of now, since I mostly play constant beats and not many fills.  Ah, how we become more refined with age.

March 9 “For No Good Reason”

I don’t know about you but I am thoroughly enjoying this once thought impossible task of writing, recording and blogging about a song a day.   Some days it’s sucks, I won’t lie.  Today was not the ideal time for me to have to write and record a song after basically working or gigging 18 hours a day the last few days, but I still managed to enjoy myself making it happen.

The second this becomes a burden is when things go downhill.  Luckily, I can’t wait to hear what I write next.  That’s what usually keeps me going.

Today’s song “For No Good Reason” reflects on how some people sabotage themselves and never get what they want.  I’ll admit I was a member of this category for a long time.   It’s very important to be clear about what you want.