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Riverboat Special by the Seeing Eye Band

Here’s another deep cut from the Seeing Eye Band – Psychedelic School Bus. We were so young and naive about recording that we did the entire album in one take with basically just a few backing vocal overdubs.  Messing up never even entered our mind luckily.  Ah, to be young again.The Seeing Eye Band - Psychedelic School Bus cover.SEB House PicClick here to listen on iTunes


It’s Been a Blast. December 21st

Only ten days left in 2010!  What a blur it’s been.  Especially since I spent so much time in the studio writing and recording all of these songs.  This one started out as the song I thought I’d use for New Years, but I’ve written a lot better ones since then.  So this one got moved down the queue a bit.  I’ve got a lot of changes going on, but regardless, it’s been a blast.

September 24th “100 Days Left in the Year”

Can you believe there is only one hundred days left in 2010.  That is crazy.  This year has flown by.  I’ve only got a hundred songs left to write and record!  In the old days that would have sounded preposterous, now it seems like a piece of cake.

So far I’ve spent around 33,125 minutes recording

which breaks down to 552 hours

which breaks down to 23 days!!

I have spent 23 days in my studio recording for this blog this year.   Thanks for listening through all the ups and downs!


September 5th “Ignited It”

After working on a few other songs I started today’s song on the keyboard and then switched it to guitar.  I then wrote the song and recorded the vocals, bass, drums and lead guitar.  Then as the mix was coming to a close, I trashed the song.  Oh well, it happens.  I didn’t like what I was talking about basically.    Anyway, here’s the song I wrote after that.  Thanks for listening!

July 30th “You Held It Together Well”

Ah computers, our friend and nemesis.  I just got a new one (going portable again) and sold my iMac.   When you have as many programs and plug ins as I do, the transition is never smooth.  Even with Apple’s ease of use.

Pro Tools is working now for me after I tried for hours to fix the problem and then all of a sudden it worked again without me doing anything.  “You Held it Together Well” is fitting because I actually remained calm through the whole process, even with recording clients about to show up and my software not working.

Have a great day!!  Thanks for listening.


June 30th “Search Light Shine”

I’m finally back home for a day.  It’s been several weeks since I’ve had a “day off”.   Of course that means my day off is not playing golf at Reem’s Creek, it’s playing catch up recording songs for my 365 songs blog.   I’ve still been writing every day, I just haven’t been able to record for three days.

I did some cool things though, aside from the daily work, I saw Phish in Raleigh which was awesome, then I played a show in Sylva last night at their downtown amphi-theatre.   We played the best we’ve played with the new line up.  It was a blast.

Thanks for listening!


May 31st “What’s It Gonna Take”

I can’t believe another month is gone this year.   I’ve written a song every day for five months now and pretty much recorded them the same day.  I never thought I couldn’t do it but I’ve also been amazed at my sheer will to do it.   Honestly, most of the time I’m excited because it’s something new to listen to.   I guess that’s my number one suggestion to young musicians.   Be a fan of your own music, it makes things a little easier when things get tough.

I dug the bones of this song out of my unreleased  archives and rewrote several parts of it.  Including the guitar interludes and the verses. “What It Gonna Take” is kind of a rockin’ break up song.  I wrote the first version of this song in Amsterdam in 2005.   This song features Mike Lowdermilk on bass guitar and Dave Brockway on drums.


May 26 “You’re Falling in Love”

The tire exploded on the recycling truck yesterday afternoon, so it’s been an interesting week.  We still managed to get to 220 houses in Hildebran today and pull in about 6000 pounds of stuff.   The perfect background for me to come home and write an ambient love song right?  This song is more of a mood piece than a normal vocal song.   It’s meant to capture that feeling when you first fall in love.


Song for May 10th “Daydream from Tomorrow”

Something compelled me to go back and dig up this song and re-create it today.   Part of this recording is something I recorded in the original Mealtime Brown studios in Athens, Georgia around 1998 or ’99.  I don’t even know who the guys are that are playing the awesome banjo and upright bass.   I went and found it, re-arranged it, added some funk, junk and rewrote the vocals.   But I was sincerely trying to keep the original vibe we had cooking that day.


April 29th “If It’s Good Enough for You”

Maybe it’s the immense yard project I’ve taken up (a 700 foot wooden fence) but I’m feeling kind of funky today.   This one didn’t turn out as good as it started.   I did another Minute Men sounding tune last week if I’m not mistaken.  Maybe I need to break out some old fireHose and Minute Men re-appreciate Mike Watt, one of the greatest bassists ever.

Thanks for listening!  


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