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March 14 “Things Happen for a Reason for No Reason at All”

As this day goes every week, I’m worn out from recycling and ready to go to bed at a decent hour.  I was inspired to get home and write today after listening to Bob Dylan’s ‘Chronicles’ auto biography on my iPHone as I worked today.   What an amazing story his is.   His first recording session was as a harmonica player for Harry Belafonte.   That’s pretty cool.

We go see him play every few years and I’m the only one that gets it.  He plays his voice like a jazz instrument and people don’t realize that.

Some phrase Dylan says in the book is similar to the title of “Things happen for a reason for no reason”.  That along with Dylan’s biography and the George Washington biography I’m also listening to inspired this song.

Thanks for listening!    Click the play icon below to hear it!