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First Funk Baptist

This song makes me laugh every time.  Coda Baerfider (Rico Davenport) is brilliant in this impromptu, pseudo-spiritual/funk interlude.  Gary Hartle (aka G the Nefarious) provides the tenor sax, recorded in the bathtub of our delapidated house in Athens at the time.  For those of you who didn’t go to church today, maybe you’ll get some religion out of this.   Or at least a laugh.


Risky Biscuits

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October 7th “Woo to the Groove”

I did something unique for today’s song.   I went into my massive tape archive from my Mealtime Brown days in Athens and pulled the chorus from a 1/2 inch reel I had.   This comes from a song I started with Rico Davenport (aka Coda Baerfider) but never finished for some reason.   Rico is one of the great talents in the world that has yet to be discovered.   He has introspective spoken word stuff and of course tons of hilarious and gangsta songs.     You can also hear him on my ‘Risky Biscuits’ album  several times on songs like “Don’t U Funk With Me” and the hilarious “First Funk Baptist”.  Click here to listen to those songs! Thanks for listening.