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August 2nd “September Flies”

Crushed it (literally) on the recycling truck today and got home early enough to lay on the floor for a few minutes.  But I got around to posting yesterday’s final cut and to write today’s shimmering jewel.   I haven’t done a month oriented song in a while, so I guess it’s about that time.

However, I didn’t finish the recording yet, so I’ll have to post it tomorrow.   I’ve got gigs to drive to and rock music to rock.



May 17th “The Things We Do for Money”

Monday again and back on the recycling boat.  Of course I made the mistake of spending my whole weekend building my massive fence, so I’m starting the week sore; which is not a good thing.    Oh  well, at least today I managed to work, drive 130 miles, go to the library, return my mower and get a new one, practice for my golf tournament this weekend in Georgia, mow the grass (with my new cordless mower), write this song and the song for tomorrow (because I’ll be out of town) and hang out with my lovely wife and our pets (and watch the Lakers).

For some reason money is the subject for the second day in a row.   Honestly, it’s not something that’s on my mind right now for the first time in my life.  This must be how I’m exorcising those demons.