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October 27th “300th Song”

Believe it or not, today is the 300th day of the year.  Which means it’s also my 300th song.   My tendency has been to commemorate this kind of thing, although I should write about that Celtics / Heat game last night.  Not to mention the Ron Artest show afterward.   300 songs is getting on up there though, the year will be over before we know it.


August 2nd “You Talk A Lot of Smack”

Smack-talkers are real characters.   There are two kinds:  the one’s that can back it up and the one’s that can’t.   I used to play a lot of basketball and that is one game the smack talkers are usually the good players.  I was probably inspired by a recent interview I read with Ron Artest where he was relating some of the awful things Paul Pierce was saying to him during the playoffs.   I’m usually not a smack talker but occasionally I’ll become a bit over exuberant in my competitive exultation.