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August 21st “You Try”

It’s great to have a Saturday off from my various endeavors for once.  Today we are celebrating my parent’s 50th Anniversary.  That is pretty cool.  That makes my commitment to write a song every day this year look like a meager task.  I’m still going though.  I recorded over nine hours of new music so far this year.


March 21 “Working on Working it Out”

Back on the grind.   5:30am came a little early this morning.  I’m the type that can’t make myself go to bed early, so calling it a night at 10:30pm is really a huge undertaking for me.

Especially when I have countless things to do in the studio and a work week looming that’s basically keeping me away from home until Saturday.   That’s my sob story for the night.

It snowed in Asheville today for a few hours and I laughed at Spring which is supposed to be around the corner.  Then I went and bought a new cordless mower.   I guess Spring is around the corner.

“Working on Working it Out” came from something I said in a conversation with Chris Singleton today.  It features my new keyboard once again.