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September Flies

Who’s ready for some smooth easy listening? This song sounds like wearing a velvet coat and having cocktail.  Thanks to John Kell’s sax, the bass line and my meandering guitar, we were really able to create a certain vibe.  Kind of a Burt Bacharach meets James Taylor’s ‘JT’ album kind of feel.

The words are about thinking back to a special September night a long time ago.

“It was great, it was tragic, a slight of hand mixed magic, we reached out but we couldn’t grab it, now it’s back and then gone again”

Featuring me on drums, bass, guitar, synths, strings and vocals and John Kell on sax.

Mastered by Bomb House Recording in Morganton, NC.  #bombhouserecording.

Mozart in the studio
Mozart listening to mixes in the studio late at night
Click here to listen to  or buy the entire album.
Click here to listen to or buy the entire album.

August 2nd “September Flies”

Crushed it (literally) on the recycling truck today and got home early enough to lay on the floor for a few minutes.  But I got around to posting yesterday’s final cut and to write today’s shimmering jewel.   I haven’t done a month oriented song in a while, so I guess it’s about that time.

However, I didn’t finish the recording yet, so I’ll have to post it tomorrow.   I’ve got gigs to drive to and rock music to rock.