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Black Friday Song. November 26th

I had to do a Black Friday song today.  Mainly because it’s such a media phenomenon.  The news loves to talk about it all the time.   I am not of the Black Friday shopping persuasion.   I’m more of a buy every present on Christmas Eve kind of guy.  That seems to be what gets me in the Christmas spirit.   Merry Black Friday!!


March 16 “Foolin’ Around”

What can I say,  I guess I was in a silly mood this morning when I wrote this.

I’ve been shopping for mini keyboards online and was looking at demos of different one’s on YouTube.   They all tend to be called  ‘Fooling around on the..”.   I guess that’s the trend for demoing keyboards.

That’s where  I started the song from and then it slowly degenerated from there.

Thanks for listening!!    Click the play icon below to hear “Foolin’ Around”


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