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October 1st “Cleaning Out the Room”

It’s crazy that it’s October already.  This year has flown by.   I remember daydreaming about only having six months left with this 365 songs project and now I’m only 3 months away from 2011.   It’s a good time to clean up and clean out.   We did that last weekend.   I’ve always been a hoarder undoubtedly.  Now I love to be free of so much clutter.   Although that is very much easier said than done.     Thanks for listening!


Jan 18th “Daytime Worker Honky Tonk Nighttime Singer”

Big day on the recycling boat today and a trip to the dentist to boot.   Dad and I had a good time stuffing cardboard into every crevasse of the truck.

Today’s song is the first thing that popped out when I sat down in the studio today.   I broke my good acoustic back out after confining it to a dark place to get some moisture back in it’s wood.

“Daytime Worker” is also the first blues style song I’ve done in this endeavor.  I’ve purposely not written much blues for this because it can be perceived as the easy way out.  Mainly, however, I prefer to jump around musical genres to keep things interesting.

You never know, like the song says “one of these days, I’m gonna be an overnight sensation”.