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October 8th “Not the Silent Type”

Not the best Friday for me.  I’ve struggling to get going all day.  You think my body would have responded better to my first eight hour sleep in weeks.  Maybe I should have done my normal five and a half after all.  I thought some heavy metal would wake me up, so I busted out “Not the Silent Type”.  I’ve got a gig tonight, so hopefully I’ll start perking up a little bit.  Thanks for listening!



September 29th “Living Well is the Best Revenge”

What a day.  Rainy day on the recycling route.  Got home from my twelve hour work day / commute to a phone call that I was supposed to be at Mt. Mitchell playing a show with the whole band tonight.  Undoubtedly we had made a major scheduling error.   Anyway, I managed to get a shower and get in the car and speed up there to start with my patented ‘funny golf songs’ before the boys showed up to complete the jam.  Now I’m back home finishing today’s song late and needing to go to sleep because I’m live on “Charlotte Today” WCNC TV in nine hours.   Oh yeah, I just realized I haven’t learned the song I’m playing yet.  Is it possible to play “White Anglo Saxon Protestant” on acoustic guitar?   We’ll see.  Thanks for listening!


May 18th “Rest”

Today’s song is called “Rest” and I guess you could call it a fantasy on my part.   My motto is “if I’m awake I’m working”.   That’s basically how it has to be to get all of the things I do done.   And I still don’t have quite the time I need.   I sleep six hours a night which usually works out okay, it’s just that every few weeks I’ve got to really try and sleep a long time to catch up.   But I usually just lay and bed and think about all of the stuff I need to do..  Oh well.  I’ll live vicariously through this song.

I’ll post the song when I get back to Asheville Wednesday.  Thanks for listening.


April 2 “The Truth Might Hurt”

I unleashed my white legs on the world today.  Spring is officially here, the shorts are out!

I’ve now got a new studio mate, a new puppy named Mozart, to go along with Wario, my cat and long time studio mate.   It’s great to get moral support from them.  They always give me good feedback.   Lionel my other cat drops by the studio from time to time to lend imput but he’s heard too many loud noises in here and isn’t as keen on the studio scene.

Today’s song is “The Truth Might Hurt”  it’s the first thing that popped out after my bad outing in the money game at the golf course this morning.   Never play golf for money after four hours sleep and an out of town gig.

Thanks for listening!!!           Click the play icon below to hear it.  


Jan 20th “A Place Between Awake”

Still playing catch up with the songs but I had a fantastic day in the studio with Chris Singleton finishing all of the bass lines for our “Follow the Feeling” album.

We’re really excited about it.  It’s a new sound for us, dance music/disco/synth/rock/party music.   It’s actually an album that’s mainstream, maybe a first for me.

Anyway, today’s song “A Place Between Awake” is about my returning home late at night from my music/work endeavors that keep me away from home and my comfy bed with my wife.

I guess that’s a recurring theme this month, “Sleeping Sweetly” was kind of about this a little a week or so ago.  But it was more about the cold weather than my sojourns.

Thanks for listening!!   Click the play icon below to hear  “A Place Between Awake”

Read the lyrics @ chriscates.com/jan20.html

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