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Snow Day – Song of the Day

I hear they are out of school up in NC.  Not the case here in ATL but that won’t stop me from posting my song “Snow Day”!!   Thanks for listening!

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It’s Not If You Can, It’s if You Would. December 27th

I get my blues jam on today for my final week of songs.  What a year!   I’m supposed to be in Atlanta but I’m stuck in Asheville.  I guess I was meant to spend my last days in NC actually in NC.  I hope you’re not stuck where ever you are.

If Passion Didn’t Invite Us. December 26th

I hope everyone had a nice white Christmas.  We’ve gotten a foot of snow in Asheville and it’s still snowing.  I guess it’s only fitting, we started 2010 with lots of snow and I guess we’re going out like that.  Today’s song is a jazzy number.  Thanks for listening!

Feb 12th “Walking Around the City Tonight”

It’s snowing at least six inches again.   This has been a snowy winter to remember which is probably why the snow has inspired several songs in my song a day endeavor.  That is most assuredly because it looks so majestic falling outside my studio window as I begin to write.

Although I’m in the small town environment of Asheville “Walking Around the City Tonight” is more about being in the big city during the snow storm, during the quiet of the night.