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Seven Ways from Sunday #13 from My Old Soul

I put this song on the album because I like the way the chorus comes in.  It almost sounds like a key change but it’s not.  “Sometimes I like to think that I might just get away from the little things.  But more and more they grow and grow, become much bigger things.  I’m left out to debate… seven ways from sunday”.  Thanks for listening!


Hidden Meanings #10 from My Old Soul

“Time has a way of acting with no delay”.  This is a song with a nice laid back groove featuring cool sax from John Kell mixing with my harmonica and guitar.    The just of the song is that we sometimes read too much into things when we typically make it out to be what we want it to be anyway (whether we like it or not).  So why not choose the best option!  Thanks for listening!

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November 13th “That was Another Life”

I’ll be debuting a lot of ‘365 songs’ live tonight at a benefit concert for the Morganton Day School at the Morganton Armory.  I’ll be playing songs like “Breathing Means Dreaming”, “Walking Around the City”, “What if Time Doesn’t Exist” and  a few more.  If you’re reading this from somewhere in North Carolina, come out and support a good cause!      Today’s song is a nostalgic piece.


November 12th “The Mouse and the Magic Tone”

Another Friday already.   As I sit here, I hear a tiny mouse scratching in my wall. Undoubtedly, the cats haven’t gotten to him yet.  I usually hear him when I’m working really late at night out here.  I kind of like it.  Late night solo recording sessions don’t seem so lonely.   Thanks for listening!


August 26th “Digging from the Bottom Up”

What a week.  Nothing like a good deal of hard labor to get the old blood flowing.  Now it’s time for a weekend of solo acoustic gigs.   The band has been on hiatus and I’m itching to get out gigging again with them.  We crank it back up next week luckily.

This song would not exist if Neil Young was not a mainstay in my music players during my formative years.  Writing songs like this remind me of my teenage years driving through the Pisgah forest.


July 10th “You’ve Got a Life to Get it Right”

It’s that time of year again when my wife and I are questioning everything we’re doing and wondering if it’s time to move to a bigger market.  For our respective careers, western NC is not exactly the best.   We love it here for every other reason but is it holding us back?

Anyway, through the constant fears and speculation, I told my wife I’d write a song for her to feel better.   and here it is.    I haven’t written a motivational one in a while.   I hope it inspires you.


July 9th “Don’t Regret the Future”

What a day to be one of those days.   Actually, it’s been a pretty decent day.  I’m at home for the entire weekend which is an extremely rare thing.   I should probably work on my massive back yard fence project but the A/C feels too good today after picking up recycling in the 100 degree heat all week.

Anyway, we’ve been thinking about the future a lot the last few days, so that’s where this song was born.   Thanks for listening!


June 10th “Some of that Something Something”

What a week.   I’m finally back home after an entire week out of town.  Needless to say today is catch up day on the song a day project.  I’ve actually had them written and some partially recorded, so I should be posting three more songs today.

This week is worth noting I guess (since this blog thing is supposed to be somewhat personal).  I started out with three heavy days recycling in Morganton (55 miles away), then after work Wednesday, my band performed at a grand opening for Audubon Place apartment complex in Arden, Thursday night we performed on the Morganton square for the Young Professionals then went across town and guest hosted at Momma Sarah’s a new venue, Friday I played in a golf tournament with my brother (shot 65 2-man captions choice) then played a show at Yianni’s,  Saturday we teed off early at Quaker Meadows (shot 66 2-man best ball) and lost by a stroke,  I then went to Mimosa Hills Golf course and performed for their Member Guest, finished and ran out of there to step on stage 15 minutes later at Momma  Sarah’s for a 4 hour Chris Cates & the Master Plan show.   It was a lot of fun actually and besides a few yelled profanities at Quaker, I had a pretty good week.

“Some of that Something Something” is another funky one.   I seem to be trending that way lately.


June 4th “Sugar Sugar Sugar”

It was only a matter of time before I wrote a song about sugar.   Food tends to be a recurring theme in my song a day’s..  Probably because it’s a constant thing that we have to think about.    Sugar is definitely one of my favorite foods.   I realize that it’s also an epidemic that is killing people everywhere daily.  I’ve even heard from many sources that by cutting out sugar you can conquer cancer.   Undoubtedly it feeds on sugar as well.

By the way I’m writing this while drinking extremely sweet tea.