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Wild Man

Happy Friday! Here’s a southern rock jammer to get your weekend going, featuring great guitar from John Tuggle (creator of the awesome website learningguitarnow.com).  The song is about the partying lifestyle of old rockers being on the road and how what keeps them going is what kills them.

“I’ve been traveling with a wild man, it’s gonna get me yet, whiskey, women, cigarettes, breaking hearts and taking bets, living harder than the rest, no remorse and no regrets, he puts his soul to the test”

The end of the song has a twist to the story.  You’ll have to listen to find out!

Click to listen to the rest of the album

The song is available everywhere online and is from my “Getaway Plans” and “Getaway Plans Anniversary Remix” albums.

Gamblin Man video by the Seeing Eye Band

More teenage rock from my high school band the Seeing Eye Band.  Featuring Greg Beaver, Jeramy Lamanno, Jason Peeler (who still plays with me today) and myself.  This line up had only been together a few months when this was filmed after we all decided to switch instruments.  I made the jump from drums to guitar a few months earlier which is why my guitar solos get a little testy to say the least.

Vlade for Three!!!

I just moved back to lovely East Atlanta and am in the process of building my new studio. So I thought it might be appropriate to post songs from my album “Getaway Plans” this week and next. It was the album I made just before I left Athens in 2004 and released the night before I moved out of town. We had a fun CD release party for it at the Roadhouse.

This song (and several more on the album) features the great Dr. Andrej Kurti on violin.

Click to Listen or buy
Click to Listen or buy

Rearview Destiny (song of the day)

Another work week has flown by.  Where does all the time go?   For me mostly sitting in my car in traffic in Cobb County.  I guess I have a lot of time to look in my rearview.   Thanks for listening!

My Town

I heard Hank III for the first time about seven years ago and it totally changed my musical style for a while.  “My Town” is definitely one that comes from that.  This is my tongue in cheek outlaw song about that guy that won’t leave his hometown no matter what.  Even with the cops on the lookout for him.   Thanks for listening!


Dead Man's Suit Chris Cates



“My Town” mp3 @ CDBaby

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Jan. 6th “Love Your Girl”

Well, this is my first late post.  After an exciting day recycling in the big city of Hildebran and a near death experience, I got home late.   Which left me only a little time to hang out with Adair before I left for my bi-annual poker game with my golfing buddies.    Long story short, I should have stay home and saved the money.  Oh well, I had a good time though.

I got home a little after midnight and started working on a tune but after getting up at 5:30am that morning I didn’t get something recorded before I started to crash.

Anyway, this is what came from those efforts last night and my efforts (and choppy drumming) from this morning.

It’s called “Love Your Girl” and it’s a story song about not forgetting to remember that sweet love in your life.