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June 30th “Search Light Shine”

I’m finally back home for a day.  It’s been several weeks since I’ve had a “day off”.   Of course that means my day off is not playing golf at Reem’s Creek, it’s playing catch up recording songs for my 365 songs blog.   I’ve still been writing every day, I just haven’t been able to record for three days.

I did some cool things though, aside from the daily work, I saw Phish in Raleigh which was awesome, then I played a show in Sylva last night at their downtown amphi-theatre.   We played the best we’ve played with the new line up.  It was a blast.

Thanks for listening!


June 7th “Please Don’t Rain”

We’re playing at an apartment complex grand opening tomorrow (rain pending).   It didn’t rain for years and all of a sudden last year we got rained out of gigs several times.   And once, at a wedding, we set up our big PA and then got drenched.   The entire system, subs, mains, monitors, etc. got totally soaked.   Jason had to air it out in my parents garage for a week before we could turn it on.   Luckily, I had another small PA in my car.

I’m endeavoring to have sunny weather for all of the Chris Cates & the Master Plan outdoor gigs this year.