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Texas Wedge – from Funny Golf Songs Vol. 1

Here’s the first song off of my new album “Funny Golf Songs Vol. 1”.   “Texas Wedge” is about the virtues of putting away that wedge and putting it from off the green.   Thanks for listening and supporting independent music!        Now available on iTunes, amazon, cdbaby etc.


Click album cover to listen to the whole album.
Click album cover to listen to the whole album.

May 21th “Texas Wedge”

I’m playing in a golf tournament starting today in Clayton, Georgia, so I figured it was time to do another golf song.   “Texas Wedge” has been brewing for a while.  When I play in the dogfight at Quaker Meadows Golf Course, I always witness lots of Texas Wedging both by my teammates and myself.    It’s the kind of course where you can do that which is always an adjustment for me since I predominately play “mountain golf”.

For non-golfers, ‘Texas Wedge’ is what you call your putter when you putt from off the green instead of chipping it.   I’ve known some masters of the Texas Wedge (and still do).  Some folks can putt from thirty yards away and have a good chance of making it.     Thanks for listening!