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Triple Bogey with 17 Holes to Play (golf song of the day)

As I watch Darren Clark battle it out with Phil and Dustin Johnson for the Open I couldn’t help but think of this song.  Luckily all of these guys avoided a big score on the first couple of holes.  Nothing is more deflating than making a mess of your first hole.   This song captures that and tells a little story of heart break from tee to green.

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I’m Stuck On the Bogey Train (golf song of the day)

The Open continues on TV (and in the UK) so I’ll continue posting golf songs this week (rain or shine).   The wind is blowing a little more there today, so  a lot of folks are taking a ride on the ‘bogie train’.   This song makes making bogies seem not so bad as long as you have some jazzy guitar solos.    Of course that’s easy to say when there is no money on the line.

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I Try to Work But Golf Gets in My Way

The Open Championship started today so I have golf on the brain.  I got to watch it for about two minutes before leaving the house on another journey to the debts of Cobb County.   This song is a funny song about having the golf bug so bad that work has become irrelevant.  Something I’ll admit to being guilty off at one time (and hopefully another one day) in my life.   Thanks for listening!

Listen to the full ‘Golf Album’ and / or buy it here!