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October 29th “You Are Here”

It’s Friday!   A blessing to me with all my various ailments I have going on right now.  Including hand problems which doesn’t work well with constant hard labor.   Although using it click the mouse all day doesn’t help either.  It’s okay though, as long as I can hold a guitar pick I’m good.   Today’s song is kind of funky but it’s not funny like my Friday trends have been lately.   I’ve got a few funny one’s in the oven however, they’ll be popping out soon!


October 5th “Enjoy What it Really Means”

Today was a day of intense physical execution from around 8 to 5, going as fast as I could without stopping, picking up recycling from one house after another (111 in all).   Today usually takes eleven hours, but I got ‘r done today, mainly because I had to deal with my latest phone issues.   I lost my iPhone and undoubtedly that’s a very expensive endeavor.   That’s why today’s song is another one of my pep talks to myself.   This one is kind of moody and I kind of like it.  I actually added more stuff to it but took it off to achieve this kind of minimalist sound.

August 25th “Sho Enough”

5 am came early as I thought it would.  All the recyclables were there as I knew they would be and wouldn’t you know it, the mountain was still there to drive down and up again. All is well.

Tell that to my back and you may get a different reaction.   Today’s song is a quickie, I’ll admit it.  I’ve got several really good one’s brewing and I like to save them for days when I can spend some real energy on them.  I’ve got one more day to go this week with the hard labor, so maybe they’ll pop out this weekend.

Thanks for listening!!


July 11th “Kelly’s Back”

One summer in my teens, my friends and I lived in this old house out the country and had a blast.  I had a studio set up with the same drums I’m still playing here today.   I wrote tons of songs about the wonders we had around us and all of our shanigans.    I always used to play this chorus back then but I never wrote a song to it. Until today.   This transports me back to 1993.  We were always waiting on Kelly to get back so we could go to the river.

Thanks for listening!


May 26 “You’re Falling in Love”

The tire exploded on the recycling truck yesterday afternoon, so it’s been an interesting week.  We still managed to get to 220 houses in Hildebran today and pull in about 6000 pounds of stuff.   The perfect background for me to come home and write an ambient love song right?  This song is more of a mood piece than a normal vocal song.   It’s meant to capture that feeling when you first fall in love.


May 24th “If Only I Was Here Right Now”

This is my favorite time of year.  The NBA Playoffs.   I retire to my studio in late at night to do my songs and while watching grown men do battle on the hardwood.   I have a huge advantage in watching the games because I tend to pull for the team with the ball.  So I’m always  a winner.    If only it were that easy in all aspects in life.

The title of today’s song came somewhere on my recycling route today.   I was listening to Andrew Jackson’s biography but I definitely don’t think it came from there.   Thanks for listening.


Song for May 12th “Birthday Birthday”

Today’s my birthday and it’s funny how things like facebook connects you with so many people on that day.   I actually didn’t even check it until late tonight and was amazed at how many people wished me happy birthday.  And looking through them you actually connect with the people who sent it to you (even it you don’t respond).

That’s what inspired me to do a birthday themed song.  Actually, I’m not one to care much about my birthday.  It’s not something I overwhelmingly want to celebrate.  Anyway, thanks for listening!


Song for May 9th “She Could Be Waiting”

A lovely Sunday in the studio with lots of great sports to watch.  I love to have four different things going at once while I work.  I will literally be watching basketball on one TV, golf on another TV, be recording on pro tools, listening to iTunes, surfing the internet, writing a song on guitar and a song on keyboard and writing lyrics,  while designing websites.  For some reason I work a lot better when my work involves eight things at once.

Kind of like how I listen to a book on CD on my iPhone everyday while listening to music at the same time.


May 1 “He’s Smokes ‘em If He’s got ‘em”

Today’s been one of those days where I don’t feel so hot.  It doesn’t happen too often.   I guess my immense fence building project is starting to get the best of me.  I’ve got about forty feet out of seven hundred put up.    If I get it done by August I’ll be doing well.

Today’s song is the first country sounding song that I’ve done in a while.   I used to write stuff like this all the time but this year I’ve tended to be  a little more indie rock.   Anyway, I hope you’re having a great weekend!


April 27th “Fine Line Between Life and Dreams”

April is already almost gone.   This year is going quick.  I can honestly say I’ve utilized every second of every day this year.  That’s one cool thing about doing this song a day thing, I really get the best out of every second whether it be working, writing, hanging with Adair, recording, driving etc.

At this point I am feeling pretty level and good, that’s quite an accomplishment.   That’s kind of what “Fine Line Between Life and Dreams” is about.