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Clean Up the Crash. December 10th

Okay, I’ll make this final part of my emotional song saga for the week.   Cleaning up the crash.  I’m starting to ease in to my life transition a little better now.  Good friends definitely make it easier.  I wrote the first line to this song way back in Feb. or March when this truck collided with the Simply Green recycling truck when I was standing there sorting on the curb.   It missed me by about four inches and was two inches from decapitating the guy that was driving.

This is also an appropriate song for being in Atlanta and the insane traffic.  I was in an accident the first day I was here riding with someone else.

August 17th “High School Before the Attitude”

I don’t know where this one came from.  Probably sitting in too much traffic in too many states the last couple of days.  Or running into old high school friends that look completely different now.  Especially guys that have literally put on seventy p0unds of muscle since their scrawny school days.  And if there was a category for sloppy heavy metal, this would be it.