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Getaway Plans

I’m in merry England this week traveling through the country side looking at sheep and cows.  It’s nice to get a way from the hectic pace of Atlanta living.  It made me think of this song from my album of the same name.  Thanks for listening!


May 25 “Ready for an Adventure”

I must be ready for a vacation.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.  I am going to a few places this summer but they’re a ways off.  Today’s song is about getting out of town and names a few of my favorite places to go, Chicago, Vegas and San Diego.   I’ll be going to Chicago next month actually, to play golf and see Iron Maiden in concert.   Hopefully I’ll go up and see Phish again in August at Alpine Valley.   Now it seems that I’m dreaming up new vacations when I haven’t actually gone on any of the ones I have planned yet.