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Getaway Plans

I’m in merry England this week traveling through the country side looking at sheep and cows.  It’s nice to get a way from the hectic pace of Atlanta living.  It made me think of this song from my album of the same name.  Thanks for listening!


July 16th “Travel With No Tomorrow”

I’m traveling this weekend, so I figured I better write a traveling song.  I’m looking forward to getting away from NC and playing some golf.   I’ve got a show to play but I’m more interested in the Iron Maiden show I’m gonna see Sunday night.  But regardless, I will travel light like JJ Cale says, just a few clothes, guitars, golf clubs etc.   Maybe not too light.

June 29 “Back to Reality”

I guess I’m still in aftershock from our short vacation.   Or it could be the mass amount of work, driving, writing, everything but sleeping since then.   C’est la vie.    That’s how stuff gets done.    And I’m getting it done for the most part.     Although, I’ve not been in Asheville at all this week which means I’m having to catch up on the recording.   I’ve actually been a head a day or two on the song writing.   Just behind on the recording.   But at least I’ve sorted about 6,000 pounds of recycling this week.

June 17th “Better than Good for Nothing”

Another scortcher working outside on the recycling truck today but we made it through and that part of the work week is over.  Now it’s gigging time, three shows this weekend in three different places (2 states).   Today’s song is just what popped out when I sat down to write today.  I just started the song and it flowed right out.  I’ve been trying to write with the mandolin more.   Thanks for listening!