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August 31st “The Son of Inspector Gadget”

Today was a little different than the usual recycling route.  Kristen Hampton from WBTV News met me at the recycling dump and then followed me on my recycling route to film a story about my song a day blog and about our recycling duties.   She was great to work with and the piece came out really great.   You can see it at

WBTV NEWS / Chris Cates

May 2nd “Light Peeking Through the Clouds”

A typical Sunday in that there’s a ton of great sporting events on TV and  a ton of stuff to do.  Rory McIlroy my favorite golfer put on the greatest golf exibition in history today in Charlotte, that was pretty cool.

I’ve been writing songs every day but haven’t been able to finish the recordings this weekend.  They should all be up by Monday night.

Today’s song is “Light Peeking Through the Clouds”,  I’ve been writing songs with a little more vivid in their wordplay lately.   I kind of continued on that trend today.