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September 18th “Some Things Were Just Meant to Be”

My guitar slinging compatriot Chris Cambell and I played a fun gig this morning on the side of the road to 2500 half marathon runners as they ran by.   We played for 2 and half hours straight without even breaking between a song and we played only originals and they were all up tempo.  I’m a big fan of the ultra long set, I’ve always been like that for some reason.  The time just flew by.  I guess we could have stopped playing but the continuous flow of runners kept the jams tasty and effervescent.

I kept with the feel good flavor for today’s tune.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend!


June 2nd “Drinking a Latini”

This definitely one of those weeks that I’m testing what incredible hard labor, sleep deprivation and writing and recording music can do to the body.  So far so good actually.  It’s usually the first few minutes waking up and then around 2:30 when I hit my first wall.   Music definitely helps especially stuff that’s up tempo.   Jane Austen’s “Emma” on audiobook does not get you going however, I’ve found that out all week.

Today’s song is a little latin instrumental I put together to help with a future second wind I (or hopefully other people too) may need in the future.