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August 19th “Catching Up to Destiny”

Do you ever feel like it’s about time that your destiny caught up with you?  I’ve been waiting on destiny my whole life.  But I think the real key is not waiting on it and enjoying things as they happen.  That’s not so great when you are really into instant gratification like I am.


Song for May 9th “She Could Be Waiting”

A lovely Sunday in the studio with lots of great sports to watch.  I love to have four different things going at once while I work.  I will literally be watching basketball on one TV, golf on another TV, be recording on pro tools, listening to iTunes, surfing the internet, writing a song on guitar and a song on keyboard and writing lyrics,  while designing websites.  For some reason I work a lot better when my work involves eight things at once.

Kind of like how I listen to a book on CD on my iPhone everyday while listening to music at the same time.