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June 3rd “Bury Me With My Gibson”

I’ll tell you the story of why I basically only own Gibson guitars.   I was cooking out in Watkinsville, Georgia one evening a long time ago.  Of course I had been picking my trusty acoustic.   For some reason we ended up going inside to eat.  As we were going to bed that night and it had been pouring rain for hours, my girlfriend happened to notice that my guitar was outside on the table face up in the downpour.   It was completely full of water.   I poured it out and put it on the kitchen table and let it sit there for a week.   Then I picked it up and strummed it and it was perfectly in tune.   I put it in the case and walked out the door and played a show in Columbus, Georgia with it that night.

I vowed to play Gibson guitars always and forever after that.  Even though I’ve had really bad luck with Gibson SG’s.   Thanks for listening.