Passion and Purpose

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My wife Adair Cates is an author and motivational keynote speaker and for a while I used to go with her to her events and perform at the end of her talks.  This album came about during that time when I was asked to be the musical act for a week long event held by Bob Proctor, best known for his work on the book and movie The Secret.

I decided to create a musical companion that a person can sing along to on their way to work that would inspire positive thought and action.  All of the words are in first person, so that the listener can reinforce positive thoughts like “I attract success, I attract positive people with only the best intent”, a process known as auto-suggestion.

Although there are great positive messages in each song, they still have that same old Chris Cates & the MasterPlan signature musical sound with lots of great sax by John Kell, bass guitar by Chris Singleton, drums by Jason Peeler and me on vocals, guitar and keyboards.  “Make My Heart Sing” has some of my all time favorite musical parts.



Welcome to Chris I'm an old school independent artist with lots of albums, songs, solar panels etc. This site tries to encapsulate what it is I've been doing since I played my first professional gig at 13. I post a song of the day occasionally from my somewhat excessive original song catalogue and I'm constantly recording new material when I'm not building solar farms, trying to play golf or tennis or taking care of my new twin girls.

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