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Complicated Artist Type

I’m excited to announce my new Chris Cates album “Complicated Artist Type”.  It features 14 brand new songs I wrote in Ireland, Las Vegas and at my studio in Atlanta.

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It’s a bit different than most of my albums in that the instrumentation is more sparse, just utilizing a single acoustic (or 12 string), one super distorted electric guitar, sometimes swapping bass for cello and very minimalist drums and beats.  And of course, my signature harmonica and John Kell’s sax.

It creates the mood around the mental and emotional struggles of dealing with life relationships and the want and need to be constantly creating art.

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New Releases

It’s been a productive couple years since I moved to my new studio in Reynoldstown, an old neighborhood in East Atlanta.

In 2019, I released the following albums and singles as Parakeet Nelson and Chris Cates.  These are Spotify links.  I will also have iTunes links below.

iTunes link for “Follow the Feeling”.       YouTube link for “Follow the Feeling”

Itunes link for “What Did I Did”        YouTube link for “What Did I Did”

Itunes link for “Vibrate at the Highest Level”.   YouTube link for “Vibrate”

Itunes link for “Appalachian Rhapsody”.     YouTube link for “Appalachian Rhapsody”

I’ve got plenty of other albums and singles from many genres including funk, folky pop, classical, heavy metal, rock, electronic dance music.  The band names that I release music as are:

Chris Cates  –  Folky pop, adult contemporary, spiritual songs, funny golf songs and fun songs

Parakeet Nelson – Eclectic super funk and rock

Gringo Rock!  –  Funny Heavy Metal

Mealtime Brown  –  Electronic and EDM

Seeing Eye Band  –  My high school band

My Old Soul / Life’s a Love Song

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When you’re a songwriter, life’s a love song.  I realized that when I was 13 years old and I’ve been living it ever since.  These albums prove that a love song can come in many packages and so can an age old soul.  Song to song, just like life, you never know what’s coming next.

I started these albums in Asheville, NC and finished them in my studio in Atlanta.  Also, a good portion was recorded after hours while building three different solar farms on the road in south Georgia.  The workers would go home and I would start recording, editing or mixing in my car, job trailer or in the parking lot or hotel room of the Hampton Inn.  (Hilton Honors points!! holla)

No matter what the song, “Life’s a Love Song”  is as heartfelt and emotional as anything I’ve ever done and it’s very musical with lots of guitar, sax and harmonica solos to keep things poppin’.  Both albums feature John Kell on sax and backing vocals and me playing everything else (drums, guitars, vocals, bass, keys, synths, mandolin, harmonica, percussion and banjo)

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“My Old Soul”, is very upbeat and positive with lots of synths mixing with the guitar, sax, harmonica and orchestral embellishments.  The lyrical themes are of letting go of the past and moving forward with positive instincts.

Aside from me on vocals, guitar, drums, keys, synths, mandolin, some bass and various other things the album also features:

John Kell on sax

Chris Singleton – bass on much of My Old Soul

Adair Cates, Chris Cates, John Kell and Rob Sankey – backing vocals

Produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Cates

Mastered by Ricky Rodriquez at Bomb House Recording – Morganton, NC

Cover pic for Life’s a Love Song by Derek Clayton (Taken while building Solar Phase II at the Chattanooga International Airport)

Cover pic for My Old Soul by Adair Cates


Carolina Songs

My tribute album to the mountains and the beach of my home state of North Carolina.  It has a mixture of my mountain folk funk and “beach music” songs based on my Dad’s shag dancing expertise.

Featuring the MasterPlan, Chris Singleton, Jason Peeler and John Kell with backing vocals by Corrina Cassanova, Adair Cates and Neil Laurence.