New Releases

It’s been a productive couple years since I moved to my new studio in Reynoldstown, an old neighborhood in East Atlanta.

In 2019, I released the following albums and singles as Parakeet Nelson and Chris Cates.  These are Spotify links.  I will also have iTunes links below.

iTunes link for “Follow the Feeling”.       YouTube link for “Follow the Feeling”

Itunes link for “What Did I Did”        YouTube link for “What Did I Did”

Itunes link for “Vibrate at the Highest Level”.   YouTube link for “Vibrate”

Itunes link for “Appalachian Rhapsody”.     YouTube link for “Appalachian Rhapsody”

I’ve got plenty of other albums and singles from many genres including funk, folky pop, classical, heavy metal, rock, electronic dance music.  The band names that I release music as are:

Chris Cates  –  Folky pop, adult contemporary, spiritual songs, funny golf songs and fun songs

Parakeet Nelson – Eclectic super funk and rock

Gringo Rock!  –  Funny Heavy Metal

Mealtime Brown  –  Electronic and EDM

Seeing Eye Band  –  My high school band

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