July 27th “Where Did Summer Go When I Grew Up”

I kicked butt on the old recycling route today.   Ten hours straight with no break.  The funny thing is I was working extra hard to get a few hours off tomorrow.   But tomorrow, I’ll probably start working ahead (like I was doing today) to knock a few hours off of Thursday.  Hence, what happened to summer?  Going to school as a kid and having all those months off does not prepare you for what summers are going to be like later in life.  You mean I have to work instead of going to the pool?



2 thoughts on “July 27th “Where Did Summer Go When I Grew Up””

  1. Where did summer go when I grew up?
    Well,I think I’m practicing – reminiscing at this very point in my life, so many transitional points in our lives brings back those memories. And I’m still very, very young – at heart – so are you! Miss you!

    1. We ruled summer there for several years together. Those were good times. I still feel young and I’m glad you do to. Thanks for commenting, it is so great to hear from you. I was just thinking of you picking up recycling at your folk’s on good old Furnifold.

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